Tiamat – Goddess of the Salt Sea

The new god Tiamat is now on the Random God Wheel.. Don’t be too salty, but I’m beyond slacking on these item updates. It’s a lot of foot work to completely fix these up haha! However, I did get in a Smite match the other night and that was fun. I need to make some time to actually get some matches in (or just time to do things in general)!

Pokémon TCG has been a blast for me still. I love opening packs, and my daughter is just as addicted. Videos of those pack openings have been going up on my YouTube channel (so like, comment, subscribe)! I would post all the videos like I had been doing (but it’s a lot since I am also slacking on these posts), so I’ll just post a few below.

I also have been doing some matches on the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. This is helping me learn deck building, and will turn those decks into paper copies as well (I have one deck I am working with currently in paper form). If you have any extra codes for packs please DM them to me on the Discord. You will get brownie points haha.