Monthly Updates?!

Not sure how I got into a monthly update schedule.. but here we are.. Time has just been going too fast!

A lot of the free time has been going to getting our house the way we want things (and helping my parents move). We’ve been fixing up the yard with adding lots of dirt and grass seed. The garden is now all planted and starting to grow. All the bushes we hated are gone, and now replaced with flowers (though we have some more flowers to add still). The garage is finally (almost) organized with the addition of four shelves snagged from my parent’s house. Speaking of shelves from my parent’s house – we also added three bookshelves to the basement. My beer glasses are out of totes and on display!

In the Pokémon card world I am still cracking packs! I have been failing at the video uploads (there are a lot to upload when I get around to that). My first CGC submission should also be coming back (hopefully) soon. I sent it out on 01/14/2021, and it finally moved to be “scheduled for grading” as of last week. It was only 30 working days estimated when I sent them in, we are currently at 85 working days, and they are now estimated at “143 working days” (ugh).

In the development world – I have a lot of work to put into the Random Smite App. I am still attacking the complete overhaul (under the hood) to get technology upgraded, and fix up the code base. This should help with future updates from a maintenance perspective, as well as a better user experience. Sorry for all the delays, but time is hard to come by right now. I also started designing out another application to help with Trisha’s business – Trisha’s Escape, LLC. Not sure when that app will be a public thing, but thought I would throw that out there too.

I will try to get into a normal update schedule for everything (website, YouTube, and apps) – but that will probably have to wait until early next month (once my parents are finally moved into their new place fully).

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