New God, CGC Return, and eBay Soon!

First off – did I actually get a god put on the wheel… EARLY!? Yeeeep.. Morgan Le Fay is now on the Random Smite App! As I am typing this I am actually working on the other updates. I have been failing on making time for this project, but like I’ve said before – lots of big changes coming.

Next on the list – I got my first CGC card return of some Pokemon cards I sent in! I recorded the opening (need to edit and upload it though). Some of the cards are lower grades than expected, others are about what I expected. These are mainly some extra (outside of my master sets) of Wizards of the Coast sets (lots of 1st edition) from my childhood. I will be posting some of these for sale on my eBay!

My wife, Trisha, has been rocking with her company! She makes and sells various products, she teaches breath works classes, and does blog posts. Check out her site – Trisha’s Escape – to see what all she has been up to (and buy something!)

With all that being said.. more updates soon! Peace!

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