More Tube Things!

Starting things off with another YouTube Shorts! I pulled another awesome card from one of the Prize Pack Series 3 set. I am absolutely loving this Cosmos foil, and I need to open a million of these things.

On September 1st we start our Spooky Season decorations. I like to have my Halloween things from September 1st until November 15th. Some people try to get over two months of Christmas things, so I take my 2.5 months of Spooky fun! Check out the decor in this short:

Olivia and I put together another VLOG for Lil’ Oak Adventures. This one is mainly around Trisha’s Birthday events. Still trying to figure out the best ways to do the VLOG thing. We need to get some sort of microphone type item. Probably something that is attached to the phone, but some wireless mics would be cool too. Enjoy the VLOG:

Now that the Scarlet and Violet 151 set is out, Mew ex is doing Mew things.. Copying attacks is sooo good. I was able to snag this little clip that I made into a short (another YouTube video, what?!):
I had a whole bunch of League Cup and Challenge things to write about.. but I kept missing top cut for the cups, and just overall doing “mid” on them.. I am practicing so I can do better on the next events. Hopefully I will take some notes at the next one (I keep saying I need to write down my match ups and all that). Maybe I will get good soon.. Anyways, watch all the YouTube vids!

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