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I finally got something off my todo list.. I made a YouTube video (actually two)! Oh, so go and Subscribe to my MasterOmok YouTube Channel already! The first one is just a short. I opened up one of my Pokemon Prize Pack Series 3 packs, and I actually got a solid hit. Go check that out:

The next video is the start of a VLOG series that my daughter and I are doing. We are working on what to call it (so it may get renamed), but for now it’s “Lil’ Oak Adventures”. We started our first adventure at Oakwoods park. I forgot how difficult (long) video editing can be. You watch the same clips so many times, you try to cut off dead time, and make it fun to watch. I cut down over an hour of footage into just over 13 minutes. I promise future videos we will do better on the filming/sound (going to use some wireless microphones). This was our first attempt, so don’t be too harsh. She was pumped to make (and watch) the video, so that made it worth it alone.

I plan to do some future content on the YouTube channel too. I am trying to get into some more gaming again, and plan to record that. Not sure if I will upload full gameplay things, highlight clips, or what exactly.. but I just know more video stuff coming soon.

On the Pokémon card thing – there are two League Cups coming up that I plan on attending. Black Swamp Games has theirs at 1:00 PM on 08/26. Toledo Game Room has theirs at 11:00 AM on 09/03. I’ve been practicing some deck tweaks to see what makes its way into the paper version. Hoping to place well since the play testing is going great. Maybe this time I will remember to make notes about the match ups (I’ve failed the last few events haha).

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