Such Poof of Time!

Wow, so I totally missed the April and May posts… oops.. It has been semi-chaos around here though. We had a lot of stuff going on these past months. Birthday things, Scouts, Chickens, work on work, and life! Here’s a quick run down of a few things though…

First off, we have a new Lil’ Oak Adventures – Episode 004! This one is “randomness” but consists of Pine Wood Derby, Birthday Fun, Kites, and some chick clips. This has been mostly edited for a long time, but I finally wrapped it up. Check out our latest episode:

Pokémon card things have been going awesome. For Standard format I built out a Future Box list that I call “Box to the Future” – which is set up for hitting a lot of the current meta (die Zard)! It has been doing pretty solid with some fun combos. I took this deck to my first regional – Indianapolis!

For Indy I ended up with a 3-3-1 record before I dropped from the event (didn’t make Day 2). I started out really strong with my deck and it was feeling great. Towards the end I started to brick some hands and just couldn’t secure the wins. The final match of the event was actually Zard and they just bossed crowns until they secured the wins. Below is a break down of my matches:

  • Win (W – W) – Arc Tina
  • Win (W – W) – Spider Moth
  • Tie (W – L – T) – Dino Box
  • Loss (L – W – L) – Arc Tina
  • Win (W – L – W) – Control Box (Zard attacker)
  • Loss (L – W – L) – Dialga
  • Loss (L – L) – Zard ex

Now for the chicken update. Good news – the coop build got completed, and they are loving their new home. They have a huge coop and a nice run. We still need to finish up some paint in spots, but otherwise things are completed! The bad news.. one of the seven chickens is a rooster.. And it’s the only one I named (B.B. – Brown Bear). For now we are keeping him, but we may have to re-home him if he gets aggressive or is too loud. The coop build was a fun (and long) project. I may try to do a video of how the coop build went (like some slide show picture movie thing)!

There’s a whole bunch of other stuff I should probably write about.. but I am bad at this writing thing if I don’t take notes. There have been random Pokémon TCG tournaments and all sorts of other events like the Total Solar Eclipse. Maybe one of these days I can get more consistent in writing posts (or taking notes). Catch you guys on the next one!

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