Rotation, GLC, VLOG, and More!

The Standard rotation is coming up here soon in early April. I keep saying it’s the end of the Miraidon ex deck, but there’s a chance it survives (depending how the meta shakes out). There’s just too much Zard from what I’ve seen on Live, and that match up is just not fun. I think for rotation I am going in the way of a Future Box for my main deck. I can also see Turbo Iron Hands and Ancient Dino Box being some routes. It’s too early to tell which way I will go, but I need to start building at least one deck in paper for post rotation asap.

Gym Leader Challenge has been awesome though! I snagged another type on my card with my Grass list. My overall record going 3-1-0 for the event. Grass felt pretty good (except against Metal, man was that rough). I made some last minute tweaks to my normal grass things right before the event, and I would say it paid off. First round was against Metal for a loss (ouch). Then next three were straight wins against Grass, then Water, and lastly Dragon.

For my next GLC types I built out Colorless (Turbo Lax), and I think it’s pretty solid. Though playing against ability locks is no fun, so need to think about that for the next event. I am also building out Psychic and Fighting decks for future play as well. Eventually I will end up with a deck for each type!

In YouTube things – we have a new Lil’ Oak Adventures up on the channel. This one is short and introduces our new pets in the family – seven baby chickens! I will be working on a chicken coop build here (starting today) so that will be a big project. Excited to have some chickens in the family. We’ve been talking about it for a few years, and now they are here!

I already have at least one more Lil’ Oak Adventures episode to finish editing. Olivia is pumped to do some more videos. We may even record some Pokémon card openings (since it has been so long since one of those). So subscribe to that YouTube thing already and be on the look out for what’s next.

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