Medusa, The Gorgon

Disclaimer: This review is based around where Medusa fits into the Conquest map variant, as most gods can be played in other game modes with moderate success Role: Hunter Damage Type: Physical Conquest Meta: Duo lane ADC; possibly solo Specialty: Being Slippery Visual Style The over all look of Medusa is about what you would expect when you think of the Gorgon. Hi-Rez has not taken many liberties with … Read more

Who is Extensity?

The definition of extensity is “an attribute of sensation whereby space or size is perceived” Buckle up boys and girls, I’m one of those kind of nerds. My name is Michael Fagan and I’m MasterOmok’s cousin. I’m 23 years old and I have been playing games since I was a toddler. The oldest memory I have of gaming is, when I was a child my father bought a bootleg … Read more

My First Post

So I’m pretty good at video games I guess.. but, mostly just Smite! Stay tuned for more detailed information about me! Also check me out on twitter @GzuS_Extensity