Gir by Kinzey’s Kreations

Check out my new art for my wall done by my friend Mckinzey. She’s a great artist, and does a lot of different types of work. Check out Kinzey’s Kreations on Facebook and follow her on Twitter and Instagram! Finally put up my #BatMan #GIR doodle by @N7gamergirl #InvaderZim — MasterOmok (@MasterOmok_com) August 22, 2015

More Xbox One Smite Goodness!

Another code has been tweeted out, go grab that to join in on the fun! I don’t think the first one has been snagged yet either! And another @SmiteGame @Xbox One early access code: 9G6D7-DX3DX-HM927-XTJHT-KXXQZ Get your game on! — MasterOmok (@MasterOmok_com) June 12, 2015 Also Smite is doing some bonus stuff this weekend, enjoy! Special Closed Beta Load Test | Double Favor, XP and Worshipers all weekend on … Read more

Snag this code quick!

I just tweeted out a XBox One Smite Game early access code, get it before it’s gone! GJ44C-7QVM7-K2GTT-MJHV9-WVKKZ Whoever redeems this @SmiteGame @XBox One early access code please reply and add me!XBLGT: MasterOmokCode: GJ44C-7QVM7-K2GTT-MJHV9-WVKKZ — MasterOmok (@MasterOmok_com) May 30, 2015

Another Happy Xbox Smiter

Well, I decided to check the comments of the last Smite Giveaway, and picked another Xbox Early Access Key winner! Congratulations to @ItsDelusion @MasterOmok_com will do bro, thanks for the code. Love you man <3 — ♛ Delusion ♛ (@ItsDelusion) May 25, 2015

Happy Giveaway Winners!

Well it looks like the winners of the last Smite Giveaway are happy! Stick around for more content and giveaways soon! @MasterOmok_com thank you soon much <333 this made my day — Nexio (@NCbarber11) May 9, 2015 I am thinking about trying out weekly giveaways. These could be things like Squid Grip, random game codes (full game downloads, add on content, skins, et cetera), G Fuel, or … Read more