Sky High now Clan Level 2!

Our Clash of Clans clan, Sky High, has hit level 2! We are looking for active war members, as we have a few inactive at the moment. Wars have been rough when we only have half to two thirds of our members are getting attacks in the war. We would like to constant war, so please update Opt in/opt out status as needed. There are no donation restrictions and … Read more

Do you Clash of Clans?!

My Clash of Clans clan, Sky High, is looking for some new members who want to war. This is a new clan, and we are currently winning our first war. We will be doing back to back wars to level up for perks. We are an adult/mature clan, there are no donation/request restrictions, and do not ask for Elder/Co. Elder can be earned through war effort, and all Co … Read more