New Gods and Stuff

Sorry it took so long, but Tsukuyomi and Danzaburou are now released on the Random God Wheel! I know I said I would be on top of the updates more, but I dropped the ball there. If I am slacking on a new god please poke me in the Discord. As far as gaming news.. I have not been playing too much of anything outside the normal. I have … Read more

Discord, Black Ops 4, Smite, and Clash of Clans!

Join in on the Discord discussions. We are trying to grow the community and have some more active people. We will be adding more channels and bots as we grow. Plus the more people we have talking the more Pokemon will spawn with Pokecord! Gaming things have been slow, but are more than zero now! Although I am terrible (well just not pro level like the old days) … Read more

Sky High Clan Page

Well I put together a little clan page for the Clash of Clans clan Sky High! It’s mostly a spot for members to vote on things slash opt into wars, and for prospective members. Check out Sky High at Next war in @ClashofClans for #SkyHigh is tonight at 10pm EST. Looking for TH7+, join us now: — MasterOmok (@MasterOmok_com) July 28, 2015

Snipe for the Win!

Our Clash of Clans is going well! Sky High got a nice little victory on this war, with the last minute snipe by tybark! What a close war! 83 – 80 with a last minute snipe! @ClashofClans — MasterOmok (@MasterOmok_com) July 18, 2015

Big changes in Sky High!

Looking to advance our clan in Clash of Clans! Looking for members who like to constantly war. We start most wars between 10:00pm and 11:59pm EST after a war has completed. Join us now! Big changes in Sky High! Looking for a few more dedicated members to war! @ClashofClans — MasterOmok (@MasterOmok_com) July 1, 2015