Sky High Clan Page

Well I put together a little clan page for the Clash of Clans clan Sky High! It’s mostly a spot for members to vote on things slash opt into wars, and for prospective members. Check out Sky High at

Sky High Clan

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  1. Recently I’ve been playing Clash of Clans after the new update. I was wondering how many people still play and if there are any clans out there willing to accept a mediocre Townhall 8 (but improving).

    I’m looking for maybe a botting clan so I can have donate always on or something similar. If any of you out there are botting let me know how you’ve been doing and also your progress. I use ClashBot and it’s the only way I’ve actually leveled up in Clash of Clans after the update. I don’t have time to actually play anymore. They have tutorials and explanations for everything from how to use the bot to how Clash of Clans works. If you play clash of clans and have time you should check it out.


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