Random Runscape Moments #1 – “Seriously?” / “Kicked-Out”

Well since my Xbox is currently needing repaired or replaced I have been playing more RuneScape in my free time. I realize that RuneScape may seem like an old game (I started back in the early 2000’s), but it is a game you can never quit. You just stop playing for awhile and always end up back at some point. Anyways, I have started to record my gameplay. I … Read more

Red Ring of Death.. Ugh

Well looks like I won’t be on the Xbox for a bit. My Xbox died in the middle of a MW3 match. Screen just went off, no sound, turned it back on and RROD.. Not a happy guy, but I will most likely get the Elite so I can have HDMI. Looks like I’ll have to play RuneScape in my free time haha.

How to Remove Death Streaks from MW3 Custom Classes

I have created a new YouTube video on how to remove death streaks from your MW3 custom classes. This would be useful if you are recording for a montage, or just random clips for showing off. It never looks good to have a death streak come up, so why not remove it completely. You can find the video on YouTube here, or watch it below. Don’t forget to like, … Read more