Smite God Wheel Update plus Poll

I had this great idea.. I should write an App that has more flash and customization for Random Smite God Selection! I am thinking about writing it for all platforms, but I thought I should see what platforms you would like to be available. Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, or an Improved Web Version? Vote for one, two, three, or all of them. Whichever platforms you would like an App available on!

[poll id=”2″]

Also, I finally updated the Random Smite God Wheel:

+Added Awilix to wheel
+Added Awilix Default Card
+Added Awilix Golden Card
+Added Awilix Blood Moon Card
+Added Hou Yi to wheel
+Added Hou Yi Default Card
+Added Hou Yi Golden Card
+Added Hou Yi Sunbreaker Card
+Added Bellona to wheel
+Added Bellona Default Card
+Added Bellona Battle Maiden Card

2 thoughts on “Smite God Wheel Update plus Poll”

  1. I should just start designing now, and figure out the platform(s) later. Probably will start with Android just because I have a development environment already set up for that. :z_banana:

  2. This is an awesome idea, will definitely hit a larger viewer base with this. Mb131rc said that people on reddit have expressed that they would want this.


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