Paladin Deck – LOLKKTHXBAI

I thought I would post my current Paladin deck for Hearthstone. It is aggro, so hitting face is key. I will be updating the description as I test it out some more. Don’t be surpirsed if it changes up a lot as I go. Testing out some different cards to see what works best with the current meta. Enjoy!

Sky High now Clan Level 2!

Our Clash of Clans clan, Sky High, has hit level 2! We are looking for active war members, as we have a few inactive at the moment. Wars have been rough when we only have half to two thirds of our members are getting attacks in the war. We would like to constant war, so please update Opt in/opt out status as needed. There are no donation restrictions and … Read more

Medusa, The Gorgon

Disclaimer: This review is based around where Medusa fits into the Conquest map variant, as most gods can be played in other game modes with moderate success Role: Hunter Damage Type: Physical Conquest Meta: Duo lane ADC; possibly solo Specialty: Being Slippery Visual Style The over all look of Medusa is about what you would expect when you think of the Gorgon. Hi-Rez has not taken many liberties with … Read more

More Smite Skins on the Wheel!

I’ve updated the Random Smite God Wheel with some new skins of random goodness! Enjoy! 04/04/15 +Added Anhur Legendary Card +Added Anubis Legendary Card +Added Aphrodite Diamond Card +Added Apollo Legendary Card +Added Arachne Legendary Card +Added Athena Legendary Card +Added Athena Diamond Card +Added Chaac Diamond Card +Added Chang’e Diamond Card +Added GuanYu Legendary Card +Added Hades Diamond Card +Added Hel Diamond Card +Added Isis Diamond Card +Added … Read more