Lacking in the Gaming

Well I haven’t played Smite in weeks. I installed the Windows Creator Update, and it killed all my PC games. I get a weird movement skipping that I cannot seem to fix. I’ve updated all my drivers, various optimization things, and read a bunch of articles.. Nothing seems to be able to fix my issues! My skipping is even noticeable to other players, and some say I am “Speed Hacking” – yet all I have done is update my computer.. So no Smite until I can figure that issue out.

I installed Paladins because my cousin told me to check it out. It seems like a fun game, but having the same skipping issue as all the other games. I watched some of the professionals playing and it makes me sad I cannot play this game.

I’ve mostly just been doing my daily mobile gaming of Pokemon Go and Clash of Clans. The PoGo is a great filler when I am out and about, plus helps keep my exercise time more enjoyable. The clash is mainly while I watch some shows. We recently got out clan to level 10!

Hopefully I can figure out the computer issues!

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