Random Smite God Wheel WebApp Alpha Testers

I am looking for some alpha testers for the Random Smite God Wheel WebApp I’ve been working on these past months. This is currently only for the web version of the application (the Android and iOS native applications will be released down the road after initial bugs are worked out). Keep in mind that this is in alpha state, and will have bugs. In order to make the released version the best it can be, I need people to help me find any issues. There will be a form to submit any bugs from within the WebApp itself.

I need people to try the randomizer from various browsers and on various devices. To make sure I have lots of scenarios covered, please include the following information in your application to become a tester. I want to get a variety of devices (new and old) in order to make sure things are running smoothly for everyone. I am limited in devices I can use for hands on testing, so I need you guys to help me cover a wider range.

Send an email to tester@masteromok.com with “Alpha Tester” as the subject, and the following message body filled out:

Operating System (Windows 10, Windows 7, MacOSX, etc):
Main Browser (Chrome, Edge, FireFox, Safari, Other):
Devices Available (Samsung S8, iPhone 8, iPad Mini 4, etc):

I will start sending the alpha invites in early October, so get those application in now!

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