Words on Words

So, I’ve been slacking on the website updates. Just to fill those people in who are not in the know, here’s an update and links to things.. I am currently working a full time contract (40-45 hours a week). I work on my own projects (like the WebApp version of Random Smite God Wheel) in the mornings and nights during the weekdays, and any weekend times I can fill. I am trying to take Bru-Tang Brewing from homebrew level up to a nano-brewery (and we just won a contest with one of our beers, and won one for a label of ours). I am going to be a dad (lots of preparing to do still). Then there are just normal things like sleeping, food, and such filling in the rest of my time.

I have not been doing much gaming at all. I still play my Pokemon GO while I walk my doggo slash exercise. I play some Clash of Clans daily (and you can join Sky High if we have spots, we war constantly). I play a smidgen of Clash Royale (hardly at all). I play just enough Hearthstone to get the monthly card back. I have started doing some AFK skilling on Old School Runescape (yeah, talk about throw back!) – this is mostly just clicking a spot every so often, not sure if I can dedicate much time to this game. I have played zero Smite and Paladins (still having computer issues for gaming that I need to address).

I want to dedicate more time to my projects, but I can only do so much and keep myself sane. So please be patient, and use the wheel for now on the Smite thing. I hope to give you guys more content, and all that as much I can.

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