Wheel Update and Private Beta for WebApp

Time seems to disappear quickly! For now, I’ve added Hera to the Random Smite God Wheel.

+Added Hera to wheel
+Added Hera Default Card
+Added Hera Golden Card
+Added Hera Crimson Queen Card

Hera Hera Hera

But there’s big news! I’ve been dedicating some real hours to the Random Smite God Wheel WebApp version! I’m wrapping up some final fit and finish on the UI, but most of the features are in line already.

Some notes on the WebApp. For the initial betas it will only be available on the web. I will be doing a private beta (which all you need to do is supply me with some information and join the Discord). Once that private beta is complete then it will go to public web only beta. Once it has some “real traffic” hitting it, more testing, and some feedback from you guys then I can officially release the mobile beta. The mobile beta will be available on Android and iOS.

For login I am using Google authentication (this is so the app can save off your various lists and settings). I was originally thinking about using the user login from my website here, but I would rather get it out quicker to get some feedback (I will likely add other options to login in the future, but version one is just Google for now).

To join the beta team you must first join the Discord channel. Then in the #become-a-beta-tester channel simply post that you would like to join. If you could also supply me with some information it will help with debugging issues:

• What computers and devices will you use the wheel on? (Windows Computer, Macintosh Computer, Android Phone, iOS Phone, Other)
• Do you have a Google account? (Yes, No, Would Make One)
• How often do you use the current wheel? (Every Day, Multiple Days of the Week, Every Week, Every so Often, Not at All)

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