Words and Stuff!

I am going to try and update my site more with various random stuff. Lots of things are going on these days with my Random Smite God app, my brewery Bru-Tang Brewing, life items, and a bit of gaming (very small bit).

The Random Smite God app just got released with version 1.0.10. We heard you like random, so there are now random item builds after you get a randomly selected god! This is still private beta, meaning you will have to be in the discord to join the beta team. Once it has most the features rolled out it will hit the public where anyone can register. Right now I have it setup so I can get direct feedback about any issues.

I’ve cleaned up a few pages here on the site. I reworked the About page content to be up to date. I split out the contact information into its own page. I made it so the Halo 2 montages and glitching archives no longer load the videos (to improve page load speeds). Plus lots of back end stuff that you guys never see (but help none the less).

Pokemon Go has been getting a crazy amount of updates and more keep coming. My wife and I play this game daily, so we are hyped for that new new. Check out all the new stuff going on with PoGo on our local community’s site PoGo Findlay.

I’ll keep these updates a rolling as time goes on. For now get some gaming in and relax! Meow!

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