New Contract, Wheel Things, and More!

So I have started up a new contract, and my hours available for the Random God Smite app have gone way down.. I still am working on the final mobile display issues, random relics, and some other features. Once these final pieces are locked down, then I will open registration to the public! This change will roll us into the Public Beta phase (which will still be web only as we work on server load, and any bugs are found). Once we see how the real load of users affects things then we will finally go to version 1 release (and will no longer have that beta tag).

The discord channel has the best way to stay up to date on changes in the beta. If you are trying to get first looks at the private beta I am still accepting a few more people (but soon people will have to wait until it hits the public stage mentioned above).

Gaming wise my time has mainly been Pokemon Go and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee (shocker there right?). I also have been playing a bit of the Clash of Clans and Clash Royale games (mainly for daily things, still not playing them too much). Supercell brought out a new game called Brawl Stars. I have played a few matches, but not sure if this one will keep my interest too much (nor do I have the time to pick up a bunch of games). I haven’t really even played Hearthstone at all, and I even missed a card back (my first monthly one missed since the game came out). Some of my friends are playing this Project Ascension game (a classless World of Warcraft game). It looks like a lot of fun, but it is such a grind game that I doubt I would ever progress far in it (or even hit level 60 haha). Black Ops 4 has not been touched in weeks, and kind of wish I went with the physical copy so I could sell it off. I played a bit of Halo with Jahova the other day. We may try to do this some more nights, and you’ll see me pop into the stream things with him.

I’ll try to get more updates on things out soon. My schedule has been crazy between everything (K-Dev Work, new contract, starting a brewery, being a dad/husband, and trying to sleep).. Hopefully things get less chaotic here soon! Keep on keeping on people!

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