All the Poké Cards!

So I have gone deep back into my Pokémon card collection. At this point my old sets are all organized, and stored off safely. I am slowly attacking the “bulk” of my 20 year old cards. I am trying to sleeve these up, get them in order of the set, and see what kind of things I can sell off. I also sent off my first set of cards (ever) to get graded at CGC.

Now lately I’ve been jumping into some of the modern sets. I am trying to figure out the best way to store these. A lot of people recommend to do hard loaders for the more expensive cards, as they can shift in the 9 card sheets. I like to be able to look at my collection though. One thought is to do a “shoe box” (card box) that can hold top loaders, and I can have them in order and be able to flip through them. This would also protect the cards the most.

You’ll notice some activity is happening on the YouTube channel (like, comment, subscribe please). I have been posting some random pack openings as I start to build out my collections. I am really enjoying the artwork, new sets, and all that. I haven’t figured out any sort of “schedule” yet, but that may get into a normal thing soon (right now it’s just completely random when I upload).

I have also been playing the Pokémon TCG Online game. Trying to learn how all these new fancy battle features work. The last time I did a real Pokémon card battle (with real cards) was during all the Wizards of the Coast printings (so it has been awhile). Oh so if you have any extra code cards from your own packs you don’t want, throw them my way!

Go check out some of the recent card openings:

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