Pokémon TCG Collection and Openings!

Sooo I’ve been watching a lot of Pokémon TCG openings lately (like Leonhart, PokeRev, and Hobby Central). This made me realize how much all these old cards I have just sitting in totes are worth. I ended up cleaning up my collection, putting them in new sleeves, and moving a hunk of them to a fire proof safe. Something as simple as a common Charmander from the base set (shadowless) is going for $400! Not to mention the first edition versions are going for so much more, and are over $2,000! I didn’t realize how much potential money was just sitting here in my closet.

Now that I have saved off my complete sets (Base, Jungle, and Fossil), I started to organize my “bulk” cards. I have a small set I plan to send off to CGC to get graded. If those come back as solid grades then I have a lot more I can start to submit. I will likely be keeping a portion for my personal collection, but also plan to list a large amount of my duplicate items. Hopefully selling some of these can help fuel my hobby of collecting some new sets.

Speaking of collecting new sets – I started to purchase up some sealed product recently. I cannot believe how hard it is to find around town! I realize I was looking around the holiday times (where people probably went buy crazy), but I am struggling to find anything! I opened my first pack of Pokémon TCG in about 19 years last night. I posted a video to my YouTube channel. I plan to do some more openings (as I find more cards), and post those as well. The production quality should go up and I get back into the hobby after so many years.

For now I am going to record these, and post onto YouTube. Eventually I would like to do some live openings on Twitch (and then post recap videos to YouTube). Stick around if you like this kind of content!

I also might try to do some gaming things on Twitch as well, so give me a follow if you could! Jump into the Discord channel if you want to chat on anything and everything!

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