Gotta Catch Em All!

I’ve been loving opening all these Pokémon cards again. Cracking into a pack and getting a fire pull is always a lot of fun. With all the packs I’ve opened I have surprisingly not got a lot of bulk (yet). My daughter has been loving the cards too. I have given her a stack of cards (that were not in the best condition, or from the modern bulk) so she can play with them. She has a little tin and has been carrying them around, and trying to say all the names. She’s doing pretty awesome with the names for not even being three years old yet! If you want to watch me open up some packs then head over to my YouTube channel! I have a playlist going with all the openings.

I will try to do some collection videos at some point. I am still trying to figure out the best way to store my master sets. I bought those Ultra Pro 9 card sleeves, and they pinch the penny sleeves.. I don’t want to damage the cards, so I may have to buy those Pokemon binders that have the fabric backed 9 card sleeves. Those are bigger pockets, and allow the penny sleeves to sit in there without scrunching them up.

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