Smite Season 8 and More Mons!

Smite just had the Season 8 update. This changed up a lot of the items (and these were already getting a bit out dated), so I will have to completely re-do these items in the Random God App. I will keep poking the wiki to see if they have all the items updated so I can quickly get these entered into the database. Keep a look out for that update soon!

In Pokémon GO I’ve been enjoying the new levels that were added. Just yesterday I hit level 44! This will be the last level that I quickly hit. I’ve ran out of “extra XP” so now the grind really starts.

The Pokémon card openings cannot stop! I’ve been getting into an upload schedule of every “even numbered day” (so keep an eye out)! I will keep posting “lists of the videos” here (but easiest to just subscribe to my YouTube channel and get them live)! I also have started opening packs with my daughter. She is pumped for all the cards and her collection is a growing. Videos with her are generally a single pack of cards, and I will post those on the “odd numbered days” on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Smite Season 8 and More Mons!”

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