New Gods and Stuff

Sorry it took so long, but Tsukuyomi and Danzaburou are now released on the Random God Wheel! I know I said I would be on top of the updates more, but I dropped the ball there. If I am slacking on a new god please poke me in the Discord.

As far as gaming news.. I have not been playing too much of anything outside the normal. I have been doing some PokémonGo, Call of Duty Mobile, and the smallest bit of Clash of Clans.

I have been watching way too many Pokémon card openings lately. This has driven me to dig into my old collection. I am organizing those, and looking to sell some of my extras. I also have been buying some of the new cards. Thinking I will do some pack openings on my YouTube here soon.

More updates on everything soon.

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