Pokémon Cards go Brr

Well the Pokémon cards are about to go crazy with this Logan Paul stuff.. Dropping 2 million on some shiny cardboard (wish I could do that haha). I am still trying to limit how I open my cards (to just three a video) so that I don’t run out. Apparently in my town there are a lot of hardcore collectors (or scalpers maybe), and they buy everything the moment it hits the stores. If you don’t catch a store during a restock there will be nothing available here =(

I’ve been enjoying the openings (and I will post some of my videos below). My daughter is a card addict already (oops), so she’s been wanting to do a lot of videos too.

The Smite App update is still in process. I need to set aside some solid time to get that thing out for you guys. The season 8 has been going for a week now, so sorry it’s not out yet.

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