Freaking Addicted! Plus Poké-TCG Things

So Pokémon Unite came out on July 21st, and I am so addicted. I have been trying to squeeze in matches anywhere I can. We even have a group of people from the local Pokémon Go community playing as a group. I am a fan of both MOBAs and Pokémon – so this is a sweet combo. Sadly there is a P2W (pay to win) piece with the item upgrades, but so far I am flying as a free player. I am semi-tempted to buy the battle pass, but I don’t need the cosmetic items haha. Throw me a friend request if you want to play!

I forgot to post after my last post, but I did list multiple graded cards. Go and check out my eBay for the listings! I will be adding more singles over time. I also will have additional graded cards coming soon (once my CGC Economy tier from February is returned). I randomly post old video games on there as well (if that is your thing).

Pokémon TCG wise I have been having a blast with my new “Int++” deck (still tweaking the cards a bit). This is going to be my new Standard deck for after rotation (that is coming up soon). I got to play in person against my buddy Stutz, and it is a lot of fun (a lot of shuffling though). Going to keep playing with it on the online game to dial it in, and maybe add some Chilling Reign trainers. Check out my Deck List below!

Deck List: Int++

Pokémon – 16

  • 1 Crobat V PR-SW 98
  • 3 Inteleon V PR-SW 16
  • 3 Sobble SSH 55
  • 3 Drizzile SSH 56
  • 3 Inteleon SSH 58
  • 3 Inteleon VMAX RCL 50

Trainer Cards – 34

  • 1 Cheryl BST 159
  • 1 Team Yell Grunt SSH 202
  • 3 Marnie SSH 169
  • 4 Crushing Hammer SSH 159
  • 2 Evolution Incense SSH 163
  • 1 Pal Pad SSH 172
  • 4 Quick Ball SSH 179
  • 2 Escape Rope PLS 120
  • 1 Melony CRE 146
  • 2 Boss’s Orders SHF 58
  • 4 Level Ball BST 129
  • 1 Scoop Up Net RCL 165
  • 1 Switch SSH 183
  • 3 Professor’s Research SSH 178
  • 1 Capacious Bucket RCL 156
  • 1 Tool Scrapper DRX 116
  • 1 Telescopic Sight VIV 160
  • 1 Ordinary Rod SSH 215

Energy – 10

  • 8 Water Energy SMEnergy 12
  • 2 Wash {W} Energy VIV 165

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