Happy Halloween everyone! Crazy how fast October seemed to go. This was a fun month full of all sorts of activities and get togethers. October is always one of my favorite months. I love getting the excuse to get dressed up in costumes, and can justify eating some extra candy.

I got to take my daughter for her “first real” Trick or Treat. We had taken her before, but we basically just walked around with family (she was too small to go up to the door for candy and all that). This year she could finally do (most) of the walk, and could really get into the event.. it was a bit too much walking for her little legs, and had to carry her for a lot of it haha. She had a blast though! I am a bit sad that everything was basically chocolate candy – as I wanted to steal some Sweetarts, Bottle Caps, Sour Patch Kids… all the good stuff haha.

Pokémon card wise I’ve been tweaking my Inteleon deck more, and it is starting to feel pretty consistent. I really am enjoying the damage output and all that. I think I have a bit more tweaks to make it tournament ready, but so far I am happy with it. I also made that Celebrations Kyogre meme deck, and it is pretty fun too.

Tournament wise I am just going to Post Board Gaming (LCS) for the Fusion Strike pre-release tournament. This is one of those “Build and Battle” events, so no real planning (though I should probably check out the set’s cards). I will be on the look out for some other events going on, but haven’t really found anything yet.

Reminder that I have some of the CGC graded cards on my eBay! Feel free to make offers on these. If you say you are from my website I will throw in some extra Wizards of the Coast cards!

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