Halo Freaking Infinite!!

Soooo, Halo Infinite came out on the 20th anniversary of Halo. I have been squeezing in games as I can, and it is super fun. It plays like a modern shooter with the perfect balance of the classic Halo feel. I have been very happy with the games so far! I also am loving how I am seeing all the Halo 2 day players back on Xbox Live playing as well. I cannot wait to get some games in with the old Halo crew. Feeling like I should work on a montage like the old days (now time to plug my old Halo 2 videos haha)

The Pokémon card battles have been awesome. I am on version v.3.4 of my Int++ deck, and it is very dialed in. I have been loving this deck both online and in paper. I am thinking about taking it to the tournament this weekend. With the release of Fusion Strike I am wanting to build a new Rapid Strike Inteleon deck (but not kill this deck). Check out my Int++ (v.3.4) build:

Additionally I have been toying around with the “Surf Meme” deck, and found a way to make it a lot more consistent. Adding in Groudon has added the big direct attacks it needed, and allowed it to have more attackers in general. When it was just Kyogre I felt like I had to scoop if I didn’t get the perfect setup early. Now with this switch out I am winning a majority of the games (even without the perfect starts). I also built this one in paper copy to play around with haha.

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