Uhh, Where Did August Go?!

So August kind of went poof for me.. I totally failed to post my monthly blog (how did that happen?!).. Anyways, we are already at September 19th (wow).. Sooooo, on with the post..

I finally posted more of my CGC graded cards on my eBay! Feel free to make offers on these, but they are free shipping! There are various Wizards of the Coast cards in there. Pikachu, Eevee, Charmander, Bulbasaur, all that’s goooood!

I also uploaded my second CGC return video today (available below for your viewing pleasures). This includes some cards from my buddy Stutz. I was really pumped that the Blaine’s Charizard came back with the grade it did (go watch already). Some of these are already available on my eBay, and others will get posted soon.

Other things going… well I am doing a lot of work things (forever coding). I will be talking about some websites here soon, so be on the lookout for that shoutout. Gaming wise I haven’t been doing anything crazy. My daily Pokémon GO, lots of Pokémon TCG Online, a smidgen of Clash of Clans, and a bit of Pokémon Unite (all the Pokémon right?). I will try to get better about posting.. but I also seem to forget that (sorry about that August). Catch you guys soon!

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