Brilliant Stars Pre-Release!

Well the new Pokémon TCG set Brilliant Stars just had the pre-release weekend. My local card shop had their tournament on Saturday night, and it was a blast! We had 13 people in this one. People had some great pulls in their kits (some little kiddo got the Eeeve character rare I want haha). I ended up going undefeated, and took first place! The prize ended up being a sealed Build and Battle kit, three loose packs, some league stamped cards, and a sticker.. I was so pumped when I found that out (I was just going to have fun and an early look at the set in action).

I got the Bibarel kit, and snagged both the Shaymin V and Shaymin V-Star in my loose packs. I ended up making a mono-type Grass deck that absolutely rolled through the tournament. I somehow started with Shaymin V almost every match. The one game I didn’t start with it had the Shaymin V was prized. However, I was able to get it out of my prizes thanks to the Turtwig line (which actually snagged 3 of the 4 prizes for that match itself).

Grass Pre-Release Deck List

If you are looking to snag some Brilliant Stars pre-orders for yourself, my buddy Jahova has some in stock at Hobby Central!

First Place Prizes!

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