Twenty Twenty Two?!

Well I missed a December post.. that month just went poof and a half. All of the holiday stuff, and work load, just made it disappear. Somehow we are also most of the way through January.. so that’s a thing too haha. Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Happy Happy!

I’ve been working on all sorts of projects. New websites, existing sites, applications, meetings (on meetings on meetings on meetings). So haven’t had much “free time” (what is that anyways?).

Halo Infinite has been a fun little late night escape for me. I basically have to wait for everyone to go to bed, and then I can pop on for some games. I found this cool “Halo Tracker” site that has all of my stats. So if you want to see how my past games are going, pop on over to my Halo Tracker profile!

Pokémon TCG has still been a passion. I snagged some new DEX Protection binders so I can enjoy my cards more (and make it easier to track sets). I may do a video of these at some point. I also have some shelves I setup to display some of my sealed Celebrations products, since they look so cool. Check out one of them now (with my advent calendar Funko Pops).

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