Where Does the Time Go?! [big post]

Sorry all.. somehow I let the whole month of October go poof.. and then November.. and now we’re creeping on the end of December?! Life has just been going fast it seems. So this will be a big post!


So let’s start with the last part of September. We went to the Cincinnati Comic Expo! This was Olivia’s first Comic Con, and she is now hooked. She went as Baby Shark and people loved it. She can’t wait to go to more comic cons. We ended up with some cool swag which is always fun. I loved how they had various photo opportunity spots, and even more that they were Star Wars themed. Looking forward to hitting this con again (and have gone in the past too).


On to October.. Halloween is always my favorite time of the year! I always do a Jack Skellington pumpkin (can’t even remember how many years I’ve done that, but it is a lot). Lil’ Oak went as Batman this year (and she rocked it with voice and all), and I did a repeat Snorlax.

We got to do both sides of the festivities this year. We did a lap around our neighborhood doing Trick or Treat. Found out that our neighborhood is awesome. Lots of full sized candy bars, some houses handing out popcorn machine popcorn (so good), and even multiple beers for the walks. After seeing how awesome the neighbors are we have to step up our candy game next year. So now for the other side. We had my parents at the house passing out candy while we walked, and then took over the last little bit of handing out. Really looking forward to Halloween next year!


In November had some awesome Pokémon card moments. The highlight is the Play! Pokémon Team Challenge Season 4 qualifiers. I played a few, and kept getting second place.. but third time was the charm. I am now on the Post Board Gaming team for this season. Which also means I get this bomb playmat! Hope we do awesome when the team event starts.

Thanksgiving was awesome this year too. We started a new tradition where we host a big dinner on Black Friday (since there are all the extended family things on actual Thanksgiving day). I made a full meal including a Tofurky, Turkey, and Ham (all the foods). It was great having all the family over, and will keep the new tradition going forward. We did find we need to invest in a lot more chairs, as we had to borrow a lot haha.


Finally catching up to present month (I suck haha).. but man had December been awesome so far. We started off strong with GalaxyCon in Columbus, OH. This con was awesome! There were so many celebrities, awesome CosPlays, and great vendors. Olivia went to this con as Charmander. I got some epic Invader Zim prints to add to my office, and some other prints for the house. This con will also go onto the list of ones that we want to do each year. For next years GalaxyCon we are thinking about doing a group CosPlay (and also going to start to bring a nice big bag to carry stuff haha).

Sorry for the lack of posts, and how large this one is (and full of pictures). Going to try to get into a more normal update schedule, but I know I’ve said that endless times before. Hope everyone has an awesome Christmas/Holidays! Have a Happy New Year if I miss posting before that!

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