Welcome to 2023!

Happy New Year! It’s now 2023, eh? 2022 seemed like it went poof for the most part. I am excited to see what this new year will bring, and I have some plans of my own (later in this post).

I love how Twitch does all the freebie stuff. Whenever they give away the 7-Day Runescape memberships I have to hop back on. I was holding onto one of those umbral chests for awhile, and it had 25 million coins in it!! I was so pumped. I had first started playing Runescape soooo long ago, and I love how you can “never quit, just take breaks” haha.

Christmas was so fun this year. It’s awesome seeing Olivia grow up and enjoy things more. I also love that she is just as addicted to Pokémon cards as I am! We got a family gift of the Battle Academy, and I am excited to have the whole family learn how to play. She also got a bunch of packs, and they are like flash cards. She is learning a lot of the names of the little mons.

My local card shop, Post Board Gaming, started up their league nights. This is awesome for multiple things. I can try out my decks in paper which is always fun, but they also have the “Play! Pokemon Series One Prize Packs” – which are super cool. The pack art is just awesome, and there are over 200 cards with the stamp. I couldn’t help but keep my first pack sealed for my collection, but I am sure I will open one soon (when I get more). Olivia is now going to go to these with me too, and she opened her pack. She got the Rayquaza VMAX, which seems to be going for a hunk of change. So we put it for sale on eBay, and she wants to get a cool toy if it sells haha. We are going to make this a weekly thing for us, and it should be a lot of fun.

My plans for the new year has a few different things. As a family we are going to make sure we go on at least one hike a month (but do many more if we can make it happen). I am going to work on growing the Discord channel some more, so please join up if you aren’t a member already. I want to get some cool channels and bot things (stay tuned). I also want to start making some YouTube videos too. I had been thinking about some Shorts style things, Pokemon pack openings, and some more stuff with Olivia. All the things to come!

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