Poke-Cord and Things

As I mentioned in the last post, we started to ramp up the Discord server to cover some Pokémon Trading Card type stuff. We now have five different sections (and may add more as activity drives). There is a general space, a flex channel, deck list share, tournaments, and battles/trades. If you think we need some more channels just suggest in the general space (and tag me). If you are in the Ohio area I highly recommend you join up (as we post about local tournaments and meet ups), but if you just have any passion about the cards feel free to jump in too!

In the standard world, my “I Got Worms” is starting to fizzle out on the hype.. It just can’t keep up with the speed of other decks. Single prize decks are hitting for big numbers going second (The rocks, Cram, Clefairy).. I am thinking it is time to take this one apart (I just don’t have the heart yet). Plus speaking about Clefairy decks – I have started to play test a list from AzulGG.

The Clefairy “Donk” is a lot of fun.. oh and the donk is real. I have had some great matches with this list so far. Getting a donk win right off the bat is so satisfying. Like going against Ice Rider Calyrex and knocking out their active (when you can setup even more damage still), or absolutely smoking a Durant mill deck, and slamming everyone else.. just a lot of fun. Not sure how much to tweak on the list, but I have found myself needing some escape ropes at times, and more recovery cards (Rods and Energy Recyclers). So we will see where this list goes – but it is definitely going to get a paper copy coming.

In Pokémon Go I finally synced back up my Pokeball to my Pokémon Sword game.. It had been a long time apparently. I found out items are capped at 999 in the game, as I overstocked my rare candies (going from ~415 to 999 with this increase of 813).. so I sadly lost a few hundred rare candies. Not sure when I will sync it up next time, but threw another mon in the ball for now!

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