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This year is going fast! We’re already almost to the end of February, and I can’t believe it. I haven’t done any new YouTube videos like I have been wanting, but hopefully here soon. I have been getting a lot of my Pokemon cards on though.

I got my Play! Pokemon Team Challenge Season 4 playmat! I was so pumped when I was able to get it in my hands. It looks really cool, and feels good to have won it. It’s also a bonus that I got 9 packs of Lost Origin! This is going to be my go to mat for awhile.

League night has been awesome at Post Board Gaming (every Wednesday at 6:30 PM for those in the Findlay, OH area)! I haven’t missed one since they started doing the prize packs. I now have six packs in my sealed collection – I did end up opening one though. I pulled the Eternatus VMAX which was pretty sweet. The cool part about league night is that it’s not just all about Standard deck play. We’re starting to get some Gym Leader Challenge (GLC) battles going, and now I am working on a second deck. I already have my Grass deck, and now I have a work in progress Water deck.

Even more than Standard and GLC battles – this last week they busted out Pokemon Rumble from 2009. I had never played before, but it was a lot of fun. I love the goofy artwork on the cards, and the gameplay is pretty interesting (all the dice rolls). They even had a custom deck they made for some extra fun. Winners of the matches got to win the prize packs – which is why I ended up opening one of my packs (I won one of the rounds). Check out some quick pics I took.

Pokemon Rumble Playmat
Pokemon Rumble Cards

I did get to a Standard tournament at Black Swamp Games this last weekend.. but it did not go well for me. We had 12 people show up, and I ended up with a rough 0-2-2 record for 10th place. I played really well, but the draws just were not in my favor at times. I was setup to win the games I drew – but we went to time and I couldn’t take all the prizes before turns ended. For my losses they were all really close and went to three games. I took my “I Got Worms” v.4.3 deck for the possible last time in Standard. With so much of my deck rotating next month I am not sure if the worms will hold on. Losing Twin Energy is just going to be rough (and Quick Ball, Golisopod, and such), so I am not sure if it can perform without the energy. I am not sure what my post-rotation deck will be yet.

I am looking forward to playing some more cards on!

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