Rotation, League Challenge, and Upcoming Tournament!

Standard Rotation has officially happened now for the Pokémon TCG. There are a lot of fun decks out there now, and more to come with the upcoming set soon. I decided to go with Miraidon ex for my first deck post-rotation. This deck is fast and fun. There are some more turbo versions of this deck, but I decided to go with more coverage. I have some 1-1 techs for some various decks, and it has been going well for me. At the time of writing this I am already on version v.1.2 for my list (and I am sure more tweaks will be coming). I started with Klefki. I had a Drapion V / Sky Seal Stone tech.. but now I am on the following:

I took this deck to the Post Board Gaming League Challenge. There were only 8 people in this challenge, but I ended up with a first place win (thanks to resistance). My first battle was against a Sable-Zard Lost Box deck. I couldn’t get my Magnezone VSTAR double prize play, and I also I could just not draw ANY of my Regieleki VMAX. Since I couldn’t get any VMAX out I couldn’t tank out the Zard poke at the end. I ended up with a loss to this deck with just a single prize left (great match though). Round two I was playing a Gard build. I was able to get set up super quick (even with the Klefki blocking my abilities at the start), and just steam rolled over the deck. Round three was against a mirror, but Rick had the Turbo build. I thought I was screwed when I started with my lone Magnezone V, but it ended up becoming a favorable trade in the end. I was able to counter the Raikou V with my own, and Rick could not hit any generators. So I was able to just keep the pressure and pick up the win. So a 2-1-0 for the win (after resistance). There was a sweet (old) trophy card for prizing, and I am pumped to have this in my collection.

In May there will be a League Cup at Post Board Gaming. I will be sure to make an event in the Discord channel, so join up if you aren’t in there already. It also sounds like the League Challenges will happen towards the end of each month. So pumped for all the League stuff!

Tomorrow there is a Standard Tournament at Black Swamp Games. I think I am taking the same deck up there for this tournament. I have a feeling there will be some Mew VMAX decks, which may be a challenge for me (based on how ladders have gone). I don’t want to try to fit Drapion V back into the list, but it does make that match up super easy.. the inverse is starting that Drapion V and hating life. That’s ultimately why I dropped it in the most recent version of my list. I always enjoy some paper playing (especially over PTCGL bugs/issues), so worst case it’s just some fun battles.

I’ll get an update out here soon to give a recap on the next tournament, and other things going on.

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  1. I believe that I will be using the same deck that I used in the last competition in this one. I have the impression that there will be some Mew VMAX decks, which might be a problem for me.


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