May Came and Went! Cards on Cards on Cards!

So I missed all of May (oops), and let the whole month of April go by too.. Lots of card action happening in that Pokémon TCG life though. The Standard tournament I mentioned on the last post didn’t end up happening. We only had a few people who could show up, so we just did some open play (and got Prize packs at least). I’ve made some tweaks to the Miraidon ex list (dropped the Regis, added Flaaffy and Raichu). It is much more consistent, and less generator focused (as the only acceleration). If you’re looking for my deck list, then join up on the Discord Server and check out the #deck-list-share channel.

A reminder to those in the Findlay area – we have league night every Wednesday at 6:30 PM at Post Board Gaming. Come hang out, play some matches, and chill. We have a really good group who turns up every week, and always like seeing new faces. If you can’t make it right at 6:30 – don’t worry! Just show up any time before the shop closes at 9:00 PM. We are doing monthly League Challenge / Cups as well. These are being posted as events in the Discord server (for some local shops – Post Board Gaming, Black Swamp Games, Toledo Game Room, and Refined Gaming). If anyone is aware of other local-ish tournaments, just put the details in #tournaments, and I will make events for them!

The League Challenges have been awesome though. At this point I have now been in three of them! Two at Post Board Gaming and one at Black Swamp Games. The April 26th one was at Post Board Gaming, where I secured a first place (23-04-004535 Standings). Then we hit the May challenge for Post Board on May 30th. I only got second place at this one, but I drew against Luke who won. It was a really close game, and we both had to do some routing around prizes (23-05-007676 Standings). I don’t recall my records and most match ups (should have been better about posting these haha). I really need to get into a better posting schedule to capture more details.

Then for the June event was at Black Swamp Games on June 5th. I secured a win here with a 4-0 record (23-06-002650 Standings). Magnezone VSTAR went full beast mode in my first two match ups. They were both Lost Box builds where I got to go first. I started the zone on the bench, and was able to get the double Comfey knock outs on my first turn I could attack. This really punished both lost box builds. I also am super happy I did not cut my second rope, because that Lost Goodra would have been terrible for me. I am blanking on my third match up (oof). For round four I was playing Otto, and I was not going to have a good time. He was rocking his Rapid Strike Urshifu/Inteleon deck.. However, he ended up with some bricked draws (Battle VIP top deck for three turns straight). I ended up securing the win for a flawless challenge!

Coming up this Sunday is the Post Board Gaming League Cup! I am pumped for this tournament. I really want to win one of the Champion playmats (and bragging rights). It should be a lot of fun. Worst case I get to play cards all day (which is never a bad time). I will try to take notes of match ups to get a better break down of this one!

In non-card news – we got another pup since the last post. Sylvie Rose has been added to the family. She has a lot of energy, but she fits in great. I have been posting a lot of photos on the Instagram if you want to check out the doggos.

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