Standard Rotation Incoming!

The Pokémon TCG has standard format rotation coming up in a few weeks (April 14th). The Scarlet & Violet base set added some awesome cards to the mix, and I am excited to create some new decks. I have started working on a Miraidon ex deck, but wow are these Regieleki VMAX getting expensive.. At the time of writing this they are over $20 a card on TCG Player.. I can’t believe it. It’s a freaking regular VMAX that was going for bulk rates up until this set dropped. Huge shout out to Stutz for hooking me up with a play set for now so I can get some practice in. I am hoping these drop in price soon though.

I have converted over to the Pokémon TCG Live version of the game now, so add me on there “MasterOmok” (shocker on the name, right?).. I am play testing all sorts of decks to see what gets built in paper next. I like to have a few standard decks available in paper form for league nights and tournaments.

The sad part about rotation is the death of my “I Got Worms” deck. Too many staples leave the format to keep this deck alive. There are some solid Zor-o-Box builds around, but nothing like the worms box I had been tweaking so long. I gave the final form (v.4.3) a “lay out” picture before taking this one apart. RIP Worms, you will be missed!

We ended up making our way to Fantasticon last month. It was a small con, but a lot of fun still. I bought a bunch of prints to hang around the house. Olivia went as Leonardo from TMNT. It was nice for how close it is to home, but I am missing that bigger comic con life. We are definitely going to hit up some more cons asap!

More stuff coming soon! If you haven’t already, please join up on the Discord and chat with us! We would love to see some new decks, and talk about whatever. Have a good one, peace!

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  1. Exciting news! Stay tuned for more updates. Join us on Discord at to discuss new decks and more. Your insights matter. Have a great day! ✨ #CapCut #DiscordCommunity


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