All Da Poké – TCG, Sleep, Unite

The Pokémon TCG has been going awesome. I am “practicing” this 2024 season to see how I can do on getting Championship Points (CP). I don’t think I will be able to swing enough regional events this season to get the 600 CP needed for Worlds, so I am just working on getting comfortable with bigger tournaments. I am going to hit all the League Challenges and League Cups I can in the local area. I already hit up the League Challenge for July (4th place) and August (2nd Place) at Post Board Gaming. I did not do great in the July challenge, but I was so close to winning in August. I should have bossed up the Kyogre in the last match and secured the win. I was trying to play too safe, and it cost me the game with an echoing horn aqua storm. I will get some wins here soon, I can feel it. Check out my Miraidon & Friends v.1.8 list:

This coming weekend is a “Worlds Tournament” at Post Board Gaming (join us if you are in the area). We will be watching the Day 1 of Worlds, and should have some fun events going down. I am most excited that we are going to try out a new format (WIP) by TM Gold Events – Trainer Class Format. This format allows each player to pick a trainer class, and gain some effects that persist for the event. There are some that just work with standard decks, while others you will want to build something fun around them. I am trying to choose between a few, and will try to update in the next post (hopefully before the month end, I’ve been so bad at posting lately).

I also started Pokémon Sleep! It’s a very simple game, but still fun to track how (poorly) I sleep.. My daughter also downloaded it, and she constantly is getting 100s (I can hardly break 70 unless it’s the weekend). I guess I am just not good at sleeping haha. I did get my first shiny last night though, and it is Quacktastic (Billy Madison).

For more of the Pokémon things – I also have been doing a few Pokémon Unite matches here and there. I am not sure I will get fully into this thing again, it seems like you really need a team (hard to carry solo). It also seems they are doing crazy microtransaction and event overload. There are like 10 screens you need to check daily – kind of chaos. It should probably get some UI simplification, but what do I know?

For non-Poké things – We are planning on hitting up Cincinnati Comic Expo in late September. I am not sure what Cos-Play things we will do, but thinking possible family group things. I know Olivia is excited to dress up (and has wanted to be 5 different things already). At least we have a bit more time to plan this. I am looking forward to getting some new prints for my office walls, and a bunch of other things I probably don’t need (but want). We will hit up some other cons too, so more on that once we lock those in.

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