Goodbye 2023, Hello 2024!

I can’t believe how quickly December flew by us.. Between all the holiday get togethers and some unfortunate sickness, it was a blur. We are already getting deeper into the new year.

Christmas was really fun this year with Olivia. She was super excited for the whole holiday. We did a lot of X-Mas activities such as Christmas in the Village, making cookies, train rides, and all the fun stuff. We even did some outdoor decorations this year. She ended up with way too many presents, but it was fun to see her open everything.

Card wise I have been pulling back a bit on Standard format. It just feels kind of “not fun” right now. There’s a handful of decks actually performing well, and it’s all you really see on the ladder. Miraidon is starting to struggle a bit with the amount of Zard in the field, but still my go to deck. Rotation is going to be bittersweet. We will see a lot of change with this coming rotation, but that also means Flaaffy is gone. I have seen some Energy Sticker builds doing work, so maybe Miraidon isn’t going to die with rotation – just change. I am excited that Mew VMAX goes away!

Our local Gym Leader Challenge scene is going to be popping off here soon. Jonathan is working on an awesome multiple store invitation event. It will mean frequent GLC tournaments in the area. I have started building a spread lightning deck to add to my arsenal of decks. This will put me at Grass, Water, and Lightning. My water deck has been awesome, but I think it’s needing to switch up a bit. I want to make a two energy attacker type deck (and get away from the huge cost attacks). I might have to give this water one final tournament before I make the switch though. More details on events coming soon!

Gaming wise I have gotten into Modern Warfare III! It has been fun to get back into the FPS games more. When I played the beta I felt like it would draw me back, and I’ve been trying to fit some games in where I can (basically less sleep for more games haha). I am starting to work on golden camo grind things, and then go from there. I mainly am doing the multiplayer thing, but the zombies are pretty cool too. I have a lot to learn about the zombie mode, as watching ImJahova do work in the zombie camo grind makes me realize how bad I am at that mode.

Maybe one day I will get more consistent on writing up these blog things.. maybe.. peace!

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  1. It’s also cool to hear about your gaming adventures in Modern Warfare III. FPS games can be a great way to unwind and have some adrenaline-fueled fun. Don’t worry too much about being a pro at the zombie mode just yet – it’s all about enjoying the experience and improving over time.


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