GLC, MWIII, and Stuff!

So January went poof! Normally that’s a slow month after all the holiday excitement, but this year it just blipped away. Lots of cool stuff already going down this year, and more fun to come.

The Gym Leader Challenge Invitational has kicked off officially. We had our first event at Post Board Gaming (11 more tournaments to come at PBG), plus there are other stores/groups hosting (Toledo and Columbus). For this first event I brought my Water deck (not the two energy version – it was the Rain Dance one I have been rocking). I ended up with a 2-1-1 record to secure a card/invite! So I officially have Water marked off on my card. For the next event I think I will be playing Lightning Spread things – I just need to get some practice reps in. If I don’t get much play with that deck at league nights I may end up playing my Grass deck. I will be trying to get as many types on my card as possible before the event. Check out my Water list:

The Modern Warfare III things have been going well. I have been getting in at least a few games or so each night. Working on grinding out the weapon camos, and various challenges. I have most of the Assault Rifles completed for Gilded, and now working on the Submachine Guns. I haven’t been streaming at all, just doing that solo queue thing. Maybe once I am not dying so much I will start to do some random streams. It is just hard to commit to a schedule.

In other update things and stuff… Olivia has been liking to do Arcade games. We got invited to my buddy’s kiddo’s birthday party at Ghostly Manor Thrill Center, and we had a blast doing all the random games. It’s cool seeing her excited about things. She did a good job shooting some dinos, playing basket ball, and all the ticket games. She even has been asking to go to Stevi B’s just to do some games (she doesn’t even want to eat, just game). Need to start planning some trips up to Dave & Busters soon for some better games.

That will do it for this quick update. Hopefully more GLC wins coming soon. Maybe some stream/video things (man do I suck at uploading to YouTube). Oh, and join the Discord if you haven’t already… peace!

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