Rotation, League Challenge, and Upcoming Tournament!

Standard Rotation has officially happened now for the Pokémon TCG. There are a lot of fun decks out there now, and more to come with the upcoming set soon. I decided to go with Miraidon ex for my first deck post-rotation. This deck is fast and fun. There are some more turbo versions of this deck, but I decided to go with more coverage. I have some 1-1 techs … Read more

Standard Rotation Incoming!

The Pokémon TCG has standard format rotation coming up in a few weeks (April 14th). The Scarlet & Violet base set added some awesome cards to the mix, and I am excited to create some new decks. I have started working on a Miraidon ex deck, but wow are these Regieleki VMAX getting expensive.. At the time of writing this they are over $20 a card on TCG Player.. … Read more

League, Tournaments, and a Con!

I have been absolutely loving playing with physical Pokémon cards lately. There’s just something about it that is better than online play. It’s also a great way to be social. Having League night once a week has been so much fun. I get to see some of my friends, my daughter loves to go, and I’ve met some new people who love playing cards as well. I’ve mentioned it … Read more

Pew Pew and Stuff

This year is going fast! We’re already almost to the end of February, and I can’t believe it. I haven’t done any new YouTube videos like I have been wanting, but hopefully here soon. I have been getting a lot of my Pokemon cards on though. I got my Play! Pokemon Team Challenge Season 4 playmat! I was so pumped when I was able to get it in my … Read more

Welcome to 2023!

Happy New Year! It’s now 2023, eh? 2022 seemed like it went poof for the most part. I am excited to see what this new year will bring, and I have some plans of my own (later in this post). I love how Twitch does all the freebie stuff. Whenever they give away the 7-Day Runescape memberships I have to hop back on. I was holding onto one of … Read more