Discord, Black Ops 4, Smite, and Clash of Clans!

Join in on the MasterOmok.com Discord discussions. We are trying to grow the community and have some more active people. We will be adding more channels and bots as we grow. Plus the more people we have talking the more Pokemon will spawn with Pokecord!

Gaming things have been slow, but are more than zero now! Although I am terrible (well just not pro level like the old days) I have been doing a slight bit of Black Ops 4 on my Xbox One. It mostly seems to be me yelling when I get one shot by snipers, shotguns, and pistols… but I am trying to get better at console things again. If I ever get some good clips then I may update the YouTube channel with some content.

Over the weekend I signed into Smite on my PC and played a few matches. I still have the skills, but not sure how much of this game I’ll be able to play. I am hoping to get a few matches in mornings slash nights around work and baby things. It is hard to dedicate to the longer match lengths of twenty plus minutes (and all the time for the matching process). With the Black Ops games I can just hop on for a 10 minute quick thing, so it may get more play time than Smite.

If you play Clash of Clans and are looking for a new clan to join, then hop into the Sky High squad! We are looking for active members that want to do wars, war leagues, and clan games. Search for Sky High #8RJ2CRLR (and make sure to change your join note to say that MasterOmok sent you, or we may decline thinking you are a random join). We are a level 12 clan that donates max troops!

More updates coming soon on the Random Smite God app beta. Hoping to roll out some big bug fixes and new features early this week.

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