New Contract, Wheel Things, and More!

So I have started up a new contract, and my hours available for the Random God Smite app have gone way down.. I still am working on the final mobile display issues, random relics, and some other features. Once these final pieces are locked down, then I will open registration to the public! This change will roll us into the Public Beta phase (which will still be web only … Read more

Halo: Master Chief Collection!

I am so pumped to be able to play Halo 2 on live again.. and Halo:CE on live for the first time! Sadly the games were harder to get going than the Xbox Connect days hahaha (Matchmaking / Launch Issues).. But I was playing with a bunch of the old crew including Cranz, Jet What, WaLLa, Scissors, and some other familiar faces. I look forward to playing with the … Read more

On that Next Gen thing..

I went out last night and bought myself a Christmas present.. Xbox One! Just in time for the midnight release of the Master Chief Collection! Looks like Christmas came early for this guy.. Thanks self! #XboxOne #ChristmasAle — MasterOmok (@MasterOmok_com) November 11, 2014 Cannot wait to get back into that old school gaming on the next gen console!