Baby Olivia is Here! Random Updates, MEOW!

Well, my little girl is finally in the world. Olivia Anne was born on March 23rd at 12:14am. She was 6 pounds 13 ounces, and 20 inches long. She’s a feisty little girl, and I am sure I will make her into a little gamer nerd! She is taking up a lot of my sleep and free time. So I am currently on a work and dad schedule.

I try to get a handful of gaming in when I can. Right now it is mainly mobile gaming with Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Hearthstone. These are all able to be done with a baby sleeping on me, so it’s likely where you can find me. I have not touched Smite at all (but I really should make myself daily login for free favor and gems though).

The ImJahova has been making me want to play Sea of Thieves, but not sure I will shell out the cash money (when I can’t find time to play all the games I have already). We are going to be playing some Halo: The Master Chief Collection here and there. I REALLY want to make a montage (like the old halo 2 days montages with skits and such). So hopefully I can get my skills back, and snag some clips. We are also thinking about playing some Halo 2 Vista using the Project Cartographer servers. I just got that all setup yesterday, and we will be testing it out some time soon. Be on the lookout for stuff like that in the future!

Oh and in Bru-Tang Brewing beer news, we have lots of beers incoming and here already. We are still “home brew level” while we bust out some new styles and experiments with our beers. Cannot wait until we can get to a distribution level!

Achilles – Hero of the Trojan War

I wish I could find some more time to play Smite. I got in a few matches on the weekend, and my Season 5 Ah Puch build is disgustingly good! I know it’s a day late (but that’s what that New God option is for right?) but Achilles is now on the Random Smite God Wheel! He looks like a fun warrior to play. I will have to squeeze in some time to master this new god. Go and get your random on!

+Added Achilles to wheel
+Added Achilles Default Card
+Added Achilles Myrmidon Card

Achilles Achilles


Words on Words

So, I’ve been slacking on the website updates. Just to fill those people in who are not in the know, here’s an update and links to things.. I am currently working a full time contract (40-45 hours a week). I work on my own projects (like the WebApp version of Random Smite God Wheel) in the mornings and nights during the weekdays, and any weekend times I can fill. I am trying to take Bru-Tang Brewing from homebrew level up to a nano-brewery (and we just won a contest with one of our beers, and won one for a label of ours). I am going to be a dad (lots of preparing to do still). Then there are just normal things like sleeping, food, and such filling in the rest of my time.

I have not been doing much gaming at all. I still play my Pokemon GO while I walk my doggo slash exercise. I play some Clash of Clans daily (and you can join Sky High if we have spots, we war constantly). I play a smidgen of Clash Royale (hardly at all). I play just enough Hearthstone to get the monthly card back. I have started doing some AFK skilling on Old School Runescape (yeah, talk about throw back!) – this is mostly just clicking a spot every so often, not sure if I can dedicate much time to this game. I have played zero Smite and Paladins (still having computer issues for gaming that I need to address).

I want to dedicate more time to my projects, but I can only do so much and keep myself sane. So please be patient, and use the wheel for now on the Smite thing. I hope to give you guys more content, and all that as much I can.