Words, Pele to Wheel, and SSDD…

I’ve been hardcore doing the Pokemon Go thing as much as I can. We try to do walks at lunch, and then after my work day. It makes for some good exercise, and I love catching those digital mons. Still no time for real games, but maybe I can make some time. Not even sure if I should stick to computer or Xbox things, but until there’s free time – it’s just that mobile gaming life!

A new god in Smite came out… Pele has been added to the Random Smite God Wheel! I have not played Smite in so long that I wonder if I will even know what I am doing. There have been a handful of new gods since I’ve even logged in last. I probably should have been doing daily logins for free stuff.. oops..

+Added Pele to wheel
+Added Pele Default Card
+Added Pele Golden Card
+Added Pele Caldera Card
+Added Pele Heatsink Card

Pele Pele Pele Pele

Words and Wheel Things

Where does the time go? I have not been up to much more than work, brewing beer, and being a dad. My gaming is still just mobile for now. My wife, baby, and sometimes the doggo go on daily walks for exercise and Pokemon Go. During baby feedings I squeeze in some Clash of Clans and Clash Royale matches. There is just not much time to get the real games in!

I have not played any Smite for months now… and it looks like I missed a new god being released (again). Baron Samedi is now on that Random Smite God Wheel! Maybe I will plan some time to Smite it up, but for now I am stuck with minimal mobile gaming.

+Added Baron Samedi to wheel
+Added Baron Samedi Default Card
+Added Baron Samedi Golden Card
+Added Baron Samedi Red Rum Card

Baron Samedi Baron Samedi Baron Samedi

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

“The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) seeks to create a harmonized data protection law framework across the EU and aims to give citizens back the control of their personal data, whilst imposing strict rules on those hosting and ‘processing’ this data, anywhere in the world…”

So because of this GDPR stuff I’ve made my privacy policy more public facing. You will now see a link in the menu! This is pretty much basic information, or links to privacy policies of other plugins I use to manage the website… I’m sure you are all sick of the millions of emails talking about the GDPR changes by now, so I’ll just shut up on this topic.

Time Goes POOF!

We are now into full time dad mode. Lil Oak is a handful at times, but she is amazing. I wish she would sleep a bit better, because I miss sleep oh so much!

I am still stuck in the mobile gaming life. My park walking and random trips involve that Pokemon Go. Our Clash of Clans clan Sky High is beasting through clan games. We could use some more members though, so join us! With the clan wars added to Clash Royale I’ve been playing that a lot more lately. I am kinda at a point where I need insane amount of gold to have any more progress, so kind of falling off in playing at the same time. Any “real” games have not been played in a long time. I hope to find some time to get some gaming in, but there is a lot of work to be done in so many other areas. I miss the days of 8+ hour gaming sessions.

Our beer brewing has been going awesome. Bru-Tang Brewing has all sorts of beers incoming, and entering in competitions. We also added a bunch of stickers to our store front, so go and support us!

Time is just a flying by.. so see you when I see you!

Baby Olivia is Here! Random Updates, MEOW!

Well, my little girl is finally in the world. Olivia Anne was born on March 23rd at 12:14am. She was 6 pounds 13 ounces, and 20 inches long. She’s a feisty little girl, and I am sure I will make her into a little gamer nerd! She is taking up a lot of my sleep and free time. So I am currently on a work and dad schedule.

I try to get a handful of gaming in when I can. Right now it is mainly mobile gaming with Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Hearthstone. These are all able to be done with a baby sleeping on me, so it’s likely where you can find me. I have not touched Smite at all (but I really should make myself daily login for free favor and gems though).

The ImJahova has been making me want to play Sea of Thieves, but not sure I will shell out the cash money (when I can’t find time to play all the games I have already). We are going to be playing some Halo: The Master Chief Collection here and there. I REALLY want to make a montage (like the old halo 2 days montages with skits and such). So hopefully I can get my skills back, and snag some clips. We are also thinking about playing some Halo 2 Vista using the Project Cartographer servers. I just got that all setup yesterday, and we will be testing it out some time soon. Be on the lookout for stuff like that in the future!

Oh and in Bru-Tang Brewing beer news, we have lots of beers incoming and here already. We are still “home brew level” while we bust out some new styles and experiments with our beers. Cannot wait until we can get to a distribution level!