Time Keeps Going Poof!

Well… I am not sure how it went four months without a post. The work grind has been kind of chaos, so I think I’ve just been a zombie of sorts. Never able to truly disconnect from the work items. This is starting to get a bit better, but it is still kind of rough. Hopefully get back to normal sooner than later. The Pokémon trading cards have been … Read more

I Won a Giveaway! Plus Hitting Up a Con!

So on Twitter I have been randomly retweeting those Funko Pop giveaways.. For some reason, I thought they were not really giving them away (even though they are an official account)… well I randomly get a DM that sounded like a phish at first. Then I realized it was from the official Funko account. I sent over my details, and BAM! The pop shows up at my door. I … Read more

IRL Pokémon Tournaments!

On Saturday I went up to Black Swamp Games for an IRL Pokémon TCG Standard tournament (with Brilliant Stars being legal). I was toying around with bringing my Int++ deck (that I’ve shared before), but with Manaphy’s bench barrier in the mix I thought against it. So I put together a new deck based loosely on Michael Pramawat’s deck from the “$2,000 Brilliant Stars Tournament at Full Grip Games“.. … Read more

Brilliant Stars Pre-Release!

Well the new Pokémon TCG set Brilliant Stars just had the pre-release weekend. My local card shop had their tournament on Saturday night, and it was a blast! We had 13 people in this one. People had some great pulls in their kits (some little kiddo got the Eeeve character rare I want haha). I ended up going undefeated, and took first place! The prize ended up being a … Read more

Twenty Twenty Two?!

Well I missed a December post.. that month just went poof and a half. All of the holiday stuff, and work load, just made it disappear. Somehow we are also most of the way through January.. so that’s a thing too haha. Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Happy Happy! I’ve been working on all sorts of projects. New websites, existing sites, applications, meetings (on meetings on meetings on meetings). … Read more