Lacking in the Gaming

Well I haven’t played Smite in weeks. I installed the Windows Creator Update, and it killed all my PC games. I get a weird movement skipping that I cannot seem to fix. I’ve updated all my drivers, various optimization things, and read a bunch of articles.. Nothing seems to be able to fix my issues! My skipping is even noticeable to other players, and some say I am “Speed Hacking” – yet all I have done is update my computer.. So no Smite until I can figure that issue out.

I installed Paladins because my cousin told me to check it out. It seems like a fun game, but having the same skipping issue as all the other games. I watched some of the professionals playing and it makes me sad I cannot play this game.

I’ve mostly just been doing my daily mobile gaming of Pokemon Go and Clash of Clans. The PoGo is a great filler when I am out and about, plus helps keep my exercise time more enjoyable. The clash is mainly while I watch some shows. We recently got out clan to level 10!

Hopefully I can figure out the computer issues!

Reducing Some Page Load Time

I’ve been noticing that the pages have been loading a bit slow. I think this is mainly due to a few plugins that I use that are outdated. One causes a ton of the GIFs to always be loaded (these all the fancy moving images you see in the comments). I am sad to say, but these need to go! All of my mobile data users will thank me. It will also help get my page get higher in the ranks of search engines after this optimization. There are also some extra “behind the scenes” items that are causing load times that will be removed as well.

So what will be different for you guys (besides the faster loads)? It will only the removal of the fancy comment emoticons. If I can find a way to only load the emoticons when the user wants to use them (versus EVERY page load) then they may come back. Even then, if there is a lot of spam of emotes in the comments the page loads would still be poor. So for now I need to think of the masses!

Vote for my Home Brew Label!

Please take less than a minute of your time to vote for my home brew label. No registration is needed, and all you have to do is click a box! Visit the 2017 Homebrew Label Awards and click the box under “The Hop Healer” image. My buddies and I brew beer as Bru-Tang Brewing (just home brew for now, but looking to get into distribution as soon as we have the funds and paperwork). The prizes would help us brew some more batches of beer! Plus it would be so awesome if we win!

Artio on the Wheel

It’s a bit early, but I added Artio – The Bear Goddess – to the Random Smite God Wheel. There are 90 gods on there now, so it is getting a bit crowded. I am hoping I can get the new randomizer out here as soon as possible! Lots of work on the plate, and the one that pays the bills comes first.

+Added Artio to wheel
+Added Artio Default Card
+Added Artio Den Mother Card

Artio Artio