New Gods and Stuff

Sorry it took so long, but Tsukuyomi and Danzaburou are now released on the Random God Wheel! I know I said I would be on top of the updates more, but I dropped the ball there. If I am slacking on a new god please poke me in the Discord. As far as gaming news.. I have not been playing too much of anything outside the normal. I have … Read more

Gods Added and an Update of Sorts!

I finally got around to pushing out the Random Smite God update 1.1.0! This fixed up some UI issues, added the “instant” option for lists, and added the missing gods. You can now add Olorun, Persephone, Yemoja, Heimdallr, Mulan, and Baba Yaga to your lists! The next update to the app will fix up the items (to get them updated with the current list) and some other items that … Read more

Oof – Time Went Poof

Wooow, the time has just flown by! Things went to chaos on my work contract, and I was doing 60+ hour work weeks. This made it very hard to do anything else. Also during this time my wife had started up her own business. She started selling elderberry syrup, body butter, CBD oil/salve, and more (check out her site Basically any “free time” went to family time, food, … Read more

Where to Begin?!

Sorry about being missing in action lately.. SO MUCH has been going on, and I have not been able to make time for all these “extra” items on my plate. My priority list has been family, contract work, and various “must do” items. Preparing to open Bru-Tang Brewing has also ate up a lot of time with researching various items and getting things ready. PoGo Findlay has also taken … Read more